The All-New BizInsight Excel Suite for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Your reports are outdated the instant you hit “Send” in an email or “Share” in Microsoft Excel, and definitely as soon as ink hits paper. Things change, stuff happens, and what you think is the truth can quickly become anything but.

All that effort, all that work, all those hours spent in preparation . . . just to provide the opportunity to do it all over again.

Not so with the all-new BizInsight Excel Suite for Microsoft Dynamics GP, from BizNet Software.

More than 20,000 users worldwide rely upon BizNet to automate the production and distribution of recurring reports.  But boardroom-quality reports are the just the beginning of what the BizInsight Excel Suite can do for you.

The Suite includes two essential Excel add-ins to automate your reporting and a powerful third option to dramatically accelerate the distribution of reports.

  • BizConnectors: Deliver drag-and-drop access to tables from Dynamics GP Financial, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing and Project modules.  No more export-import copy-paste to get the data you need.  BizConnectors bring it to you.
  • BizInsight: Enables the analysis of business operations with pre-built functions and provides an intuitive, menu-driven Query Editor that retrieves very granular results and backs up the numbers with drill-down details.
  • BizBroadcast: Automates report distribution in a variety of formats to specific audiences at email, network, web and cloud addresses – and can even send reports based upon scheduled timers or conditional triggers.

Check out the BizNet Software Video Center and see that automated reporting and business data analysis in Excel isn’t magic, but it comes pretty close with the BizInsight Excel Suite for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Let us know if you have any questions.

GP Year-End Update Product Releases

By Bryan Wilton, President

Information on GP year-end update product releases has started to become more solid now as we get close to mid-November. The dates as we know them now are as follows:

  • GP 2013 – this week
  • GP 2015 – will follow soon after the 2013 year-end update is released
  • GP 2016/R2 – expected around 12/1. Remember 2016 will not have a separate year end update and an R2 update; they will be combined into one so you will only have to apply one update to get both the year end update and version R2 if you are on GP 2016. Another benefit of upgrading to 2016/R2: GP will now print a W2 with lines.
  • GP 2010 and earlier – there will be no year-end or other updates….time to upgrade! Contact Lori Ritzer if you would like to get your upgrade scheduled before year end.
  • Canadian Payroll – should be available around middle of December. If you also have US payroll, you can wait until the Canadian payroll year end is released and apply both at the same time from one file.

Most have probably heard about the new overtime rules the DOL signed into law this past year? Those rules become law on December 1, 2016 and it looks like the Overtime Rate Manager in Dynamics GP will handle the calculations for you. This module is free but let us know if you need any help getting it setup and configured. Side note on this module — there are 3 payroll features which are part of the core GP system, called Core Payroll Extensions. They do require a separate install so lots of payroll users tend to miss these modules. The 3 modules included with GP are:

  • Overtime Rate Manager
  • Deductions in Arrears
  • Payroll Integration to Payables

Let us know if you have any questions about these 3 payroll modules.

Now, back to payroll updates. Just a reminder the 2016 form changes are as follows:

  • W2 – no form changes
  • W3 – no form changes
  • 1099-Int – small change
  • 1099-MIsc – small change
  • 1096 – does have a change as a result of the Int/Misc form changes
  • Electronic Filing W2 (EFW2) – no change but is now due by January 31st.

And there is a law change (Path Act) to Fixed Asset depreciation limits so if you are running the Fixed Asset module for tax calculations, you’ll want to make sure to apply the year end update.

Finally, if you would like to attend one of our year end closing classes, ($195) all are being held online this year. Register now

Information on Payables 2016 Year End

By Bryan Wilton, President 

Payables 2016 year-end information continues to trickle in, but more frequently now. There are changes to the 1099-INT form used to report interest income. This form is less popular in the 1099 family, but if you are required to issue one, you’ll need the 2016 year-end update applied to properly print the 2016 form.

The same is true with the 1096 Transmittal (summary) form used to submit your 1099 forms. The 2016 layout has changed slightly as well, but will print correctly after applying the 2016 year-end update.

Although there is no new functionality in the 2016 year-end update around how the payables module is closed out, there are several new enhancements to allow you to view and edit 1099 data (if you’re on GP 2013 or later).

For more information on the year-end processing for Dynamics GP, plan to attend our year-end close out class which shows you how to successfully close out your system for the year and make ready the new year for processing. Watch for an email soon where you can register for the class.

GPUG All-Star Winners

We would like to give recognition to our client, Brian Lambertz from Connexus Energy, for receiving GPUG All-Star, a worthy reflection of all his contributions to the User Group community!

The recipients of the All-Star awards were presented at the 2016 GPUG Summit in Tampa, FL.

We would also like to recognize the MN Chapter, which won Chapter of the Year. Way to go Bert Green of Berger Transport, Jessica Raciborski of Ergodyne & Brian Lambertz for being the head of this chapter!

Click here to view all of the award winners.


What Can Be More Important to Your Employees?

It’s personal to all of us – making sure our payroll is right.  InterDyn BMI understands that and we are here as your Dynamics GP Payroll experts!

Quarter 4 is the time to consider “lighting up” the payroll module you likely already own. It’s also the time to consider bringing the information in house so that your HR team has access to results and will end up in your GL for reporting.

To help you learn, we have a LOT of great educational LetsLearn Webinars on just this important topic:

  • Payroll/HR Smartlist Suite

    • If you need MORE for Payroll Reports and payroll data at your fingertips – this is for you.
    • Nov 29 | 1:00 p.m. CT

If you have any questions, email us at and we’ll be there!

Dynamics GP Year-End Updates

We are beginning to think about year-end now that October is here! Hard to believe the year is almost over. A few things have trickled in from Microsoft regarding GP year end updates:

As of now we know the following details:

  • Seems to be no apparent W-2 or W-3 form changes
  • No EFW2 (Electronic Filing) changes, however the new deadline for submitting W2’s is now January 31, not February or March like it has been for decades.
  • Looks to be a few form 1096 form changes
  • Payables 1099-Int and 1099 Misc. changes (small change, still under review more detail later)
  • And ACA information is not yet in final form for 2016. Remember if you are using Dynamics GP for your ACA reporting, Microsoft does NOT supply the ACA electronic file. You will need either Greenshades or Integrity Data to file the 1095 data electronically. Of course the November election results could alter ACA reporting for future years.

Maximize Your Investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP with a GPUG Membership

As your Microsoft Dynamics GP partner, we are committed to helping you realize the maximum value from your Microsoft Dynamics GP investment.  If you haven’t already enrolled, we encourage you to consider investing in a membership for Microsoft Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG), the world’s largest customer-driven Dynamics GP user group.  The community is a great way to connect and collaborate with other GP professionals like yourself and to augment the training and services that we already provide to you.

InterDyn BMI is active in many ways and we’d like to help you in a couple of ways today:


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