New Inventory and Sales feature for GP 2013: Suggest Items

New Inventory and Sales feature for GP 2013: Suggest Items

By Lorna Link, GP Product Manager

There is a new button on the Item Maintenance screen called Suggest items that works with Sale Order Processing. Once you’ve place items in the Suggest Sales Item Maintenance window, you can be prompted to ‘suggest’ the items during sales transaction entry.

When you assign the items, you can identify the document type and quantity for suggestion. At this time, the unit of measure and warehouse are not part of the selected item setup and would need to be managed at the sales line level.

Suggest Items(Click on image to view larger)

The setup tables for this new window are INV00400and INV00401.

When a sales document is entered using this item number, the suggest Sales Item Entry window will open and the user can mark the items they want to select and change the quantities if they wish.

Suggest Items

(Click on image to view larger)

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