GP 2013: MORE Great Purchase Order Features!

GP 2013: MORE Great Purchase Order Features
By Lorna Link, GP Product Manager

I am very excited about some of these new Purchase Order features with Dynamics GP 2013 – these settings really tighten up some gaps in prior versions.

I think we all have been told not to close a purchase order in the Edit Purchase Order Status window if the Purchase Order line status is received…you now can have a setting to receive a message when purchase order line item is not fully invoiced.

You can select in purchasing setup an option to receive a warning message that a line item has a remaining quantity to invoice when attempting to close a purchase order or a purchase order line item in the Edit Purchase Order Status window. You can require a password to be entered if you want to limit the users who can close purchase orders and purchase order line items when there is a remaining quantity to invoice.



Having the ability to track serial and lot numbers on drop ship purchase
order items will give us greater visibility to the life cycle of all our
purchases and sales.
You can enter serial numbers and lot numbers when
invoicing a drop-ship purchase order or drop-ship blanket purchase order.


The truck icon identifies it as a drop-shipped item.


The serial number from the purchase order is stored in the POP30330 (Purchasing
Serial/Lot History) table so we can view both sides of the transaction in the
Serial/Lot Trace Inquiry window.


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