3 Reasons to Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

More great reasons to update to GP 2013!

By Lorna Link, GP Product Manager

1. Reason codes

Dynamics GP inventory transactions or variances can now track a reason code for the activity. Reason codes have been added throughout Inventory Management for tracking inventory movement. You can set up reason codes that can be entered on inventory transactions to provide a log of what is occurring in your warehouses as well as identify trends that can provide insight into daily operations.

The down side to this functionality is that there doesn’t appear to be a way to require this to be filed out of the box. Reason_Code is a new field in the IV10001 and IV30300 tables.



2. Inactivate items

Inventory items can be inactivated in order to prevent the sale, purchase or processing of an item. Inactivating allows you to maintain history for your inventory items while those items are not in use. Certain restrictions apply to inactivating, such as items on an active kit or bill of materials cannot be inactivated.


3. Inactive site and item-site relationships

If a site is no longer used, you can inactivate a site in order to prevent it from being entered on any new transactions. However, existing transactions can be posted so that your inventory on hand can be reduced. This will keep the site in your system until you’re ready to delete it. You will also be able to exclude inactive sites on the Site List Report.


You also can inactivate an item-site relationship. This is useful if you no
longer stock an item at a particular site. If you inactivate the item-site
relationship, no new transactions for that item-site combination can be entered,
but existing transactions can be posted. Inactivating the item-site relationship
does not affect the site ID or the item at other sites.


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