Date Effective Tax Rates – Microsoft Dynamics GP

By Lorna Link

Date Effective Tax rates is a product that Microsoft released with GP2010 – it is now available to be installed with GP2013 from the installation MSI.

This is what the product can do for you:

Date Effective Tax Rates allows you to set up different tax percentages for a tax detail ID for various date ranges as specified by the tax detail. The tax percentage that you set up for a date range overrides the tax percentages set up in Microsoft Dynamics GP for transactions that fall within the specified date range.

You also can update tax detail IDs in the Tax Detail Maintenance window with the tax percentage using Date Effective Tax Rates.

Date Effective Tax is applicable on saved transactions originating from the Receivables Management, Sales Order Processing, Payables Management and Purchase Order Processing modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

This is a screen shot showing how you can apply date ranges to the tax details:

There is also a utility that will regenerate the taxes on previously entered sales documents.

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