Microsoft Dynamics GP New Tool: Smart List Designer

Smart List Designer

by Lorna Link, GP Product Manager

Microsoft has release Smart List designer in service pack 2 for Dynamics GP2013.  The tool is an enhanced Smart List tool, but certainly not as robust as Smart List Builder.

It certainly has improved Smart List – specifically, with this tool, you can create new objects and modify existing objects.  Once service pack 2 has been installed, you can access the tool from smart list by clicking on the New Button. (Click on the image to view a larger version).


From the Smart List Designer window you can select the product and table that is available in your Dynamics GP installation.  You will have access to some System and Company views.  It does not allow you to look at other SQL tables or combine the data of two company databases.

You can add multiple tables, and restrict the fields that are available to display on the Smart List.  You can build out some calculations – the functions available are not as robust as what is available in Smart List Builder.

We do not have the ability to create summary smart lists, create If/Then calculation, predefine the sorts in a smart list, and rename the fields to be company friendly, change the display decimal places or change the sign on credit items.  And I am sure there is a laundry list of items I have not mentioned!

I do see this as a wonderful tool for customers that have lighter needs for new Smart List Objects –  For example a customer that just need to see the period summary tables for payables or sales.  When we need more completes views for Payroll or Manufacturing – we’ll still need to work with Smart List Builder.

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