Read why InterDyn BMI is holding off on using the Management Reporter Data Mart for Dynamics GP

By Lorna Link, GP Product Manager

Starting with RU3, Management Reporter 2012 includes a new “Data Mart” data provider for Dynamics GP in addition to the one included with earlier versions, which is now referred to as the “Legacy Provider.”

The Legacy method pulls numbers direct from Dynamics GP tables and calculates balances on the fly. This method can be slow especially reporting against multiple companies.

The Data Mart method stores financial information already summarized in its own SQL database. Reports generated using the Data Mart are pulling those summarized numbers instead of calculating them, improving performance for a large quantity of data.

This integration is constantly running. When data changes in Dynamics GP those changes are rolling down in the Data Mart database.

With a few exceptions, Data Mart is Microsoft’s preferred data provider for Dynamics GP, and Microsoft is planning to discontinue Legacy, but the Data Mart has issues that need to be fixed.

Reporting from ‘Legacy’ is one Management Reporter company, Reporting from the Data Mart requires another Management Reporter company

InterDyn BMI has observed issues with the Data Mart data provider, where Management Reporter reports are not returning the data or behaving in a way that a user is expecting. There are more problems with every roll up and they seem to be data mart related, for example:

• Errors during generation
• Missing data on financial reports
• There is a recognized bug with GP2013 with multi-currency is duplicating entries with the Data Mart and Microsoft has said this won’t be fixed until early 2014.
• There is also a bug with the header descriptions not working.
• Issues with analytical accounting reports missing financial data.

RU7 was recently released, but did not directly address all of these issue. We anticipate the RU8 will resolve many of these issue. RU8 should be release in early 2014. At that time we will reevaluate the use of Data Mart for Dynamics GP.

If a client ends up needing the Data Mart or we need to move them to the Data Mart once all issues have been resolved, the time to switch to Legacy is minimal in comparison to the potential problems that would be incurred in the short term with the Data Mart. We would estimate 1-2 hours to switch from Legacy to Data Mart, as estimated below:

1. We would need to remove Legacy, which takes less than a minute.
2. Install the Data Mart, which takes 15 – 20 minutes.
3. Point reports to the different company – up to an hour depending upon the quantity of reports.

Our plan until February 2014 is to install only Legacy for both new implementations and upgrades. When RU8 has been released, the issues are expected to be resolved we’ll resume using the Data Mart unless there is a specific business need to install the Data Mart. We’ll continue to be mindful of the installation recommendations when customers are using Analytical Accounting and Multi Currency.

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