GP2013 R2 Procurement Enhancements!

GP2013 R2 Procurement Enhancements!

By Lorna Link, GP Product Manager 

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 will be generally available in May 2014.

GP2013 R2 will feature three options that will help you roll out a requisition system available to Dynamics GP users and Microsoft Apps users!

Purchasing Requisition functionality will be brought into the desktop side of the application with GP2013 R2. The look and feel is like a transaction entry window in GP, but with fewer verified or required fields.  If the user doesn’t know the vendor or cost of an item, they can still submit the requisition to the purchasing agent.


With a tight tie-in to the NEW Dynamics GP Workflow from the start, you can leverage Dynamics GP functionality to manage the business‘s goods request process.

Workflow is being completely redesigned and rebuilt to be based in Dexterity rather than SharePoint. The first release of the new system will include five workflow types, and several methods for workflow approval.

GP2013 R2 Workflow Types:

–          Purchase Order Approval

–          Requisition Approval

–          Project Timesheet Approval

–          Project Expense Approval

–          Time and Attendance Approval


Finally in July 2014 – Business Analyzer R7 will be released and a new Procurement app will enable users to submit requisitions for inventory and non-inventory items and will be cross platform.

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