GP 2013 R2 – New Features to Suggest Item

When GP2013 was released the Item Maintenance window allowed for users to assign up to 5 items in the Suggest Sales Item Entry that could be used as suggestions during the sales order process.  GP2013 R2 enhanced this functionality with several new features.

During the Sales Transaction entry process the user can see the quantity available in the default warehouse and change the warehouse to a new site if needed.  The user can also update the unit price.  The suggested quantity brought into the sales order set to the default unit of measure.

Suggest Sales Item Entity within Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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An Analyze button was added to the suggest item maintenance window.  This allows users the ability to see what items have been sold in conjunction with the primary item as well providing suggestions for the quantity to suggest…

Analyze Button in Suggest Sales Item in Dynamics CRM

The suggestion can be run by date and document type.

Date and Document Type in Suggested Sales Item in Dynamics CRM

Once the calculate button is selected, the Suggested Sales Item Analysis window will provide the user with a list of items that may be good suggestions with a percent fit.  The user can change the suggested quantity and add 5 items to the list and select the priority or sort order for the item.

Items Suggested by Dynamics CRM

These features add some flash to a Sales Transaction entry window that has needed some updates.   While I don’t think it will eliminate the need to use other products like Sales Pad for sleeker order entry, it certainly could be used to put free or ancillary products on the order without having to have the user remember to add the lines.