GP 2013 R2 – New Workflow Module

When Microsoft released Dynamics GP 2013 R2, they released some great functionality – one of the best was the new workflow module.  There are four Workflow Types available in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2.

1. Purchase Requisitions
2. Purchase Order
3. Project Time
4. Payroll Time

The release of GP 2015 is just around the corner and with that announcement; we are expecting 4-5 additional out of the box workflow objects.

The configuration of the new workflow features is similar to the ‘old’ SharePoint workflow.  You start, for example, with a purchase order and based on defined steps, the workflow can be routed to different approvers –the assignment can be an approval or task.

Workflow Example

When the document/transaction has been assigned to a user for approval, an email message can be sent to the approver. The email message displays information about the document/transaction and will contain a link. When the user clicks this link, a window appears where the user can approve or reject the document/transaction.  This means, that non-GP users have the ability to approve a purchase order without navigating to SharePoint.  Line detail for the document can be included in the email.

Workflow Assigned for Approval

Much of this functionality sounds very similar to the existing SharePoint workflow functionality – the significant different is that this is now all dexterity based. Which means dexterity programmers will be able to create new workflow objects.  If you have a 3rd, party product or customization, workflows can easily be designed to contain the field elements you wish to include in the approval process.