Take Note of This New GP 2015 Feature

Even the smallest change or enhancement to an ERP solution can make a world of difference, especially when the upgrade is overdue. One notable feature of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 is the Payment Terms functionality, which has been relatively unchanged in the previous three versions.

Let us look at the Payment Terms window in GP 2013:

Payment Terms window in GP 2013

The date options are restricted to the following:

  • Net Days
  • Date
  • EOM
  • None
  • Next Month

While this may have not been a terrible limitation, it did make setting up some of the more unusual terms codes practically impossible. Fortunately, with the release of GP 2015 came a new feature that allows more flexibility for due-date and discount-date calculation as well as the ability to calculate terms codes in the setup window. This also helps users validate that the right settings are in place.

The due date can now be calculated from the transaction date or from the discount date, with the option to include additional dates to the transaction date option.

In addition to what was available with GP 2013, the due-date selection options now include:

  • Months
  • Month/Day (select the specific month & day that transaction is due)
  • Annual

A “Calculate” button has also been added to the window so that users can immediately check the terms-code setup rather than having to open up a separate transaction window.

GP2015 Calculate Button

If the calculation isn’t correct the first time around, any changes can be made by keeping the Payment Terms Example window open and updating the payment-term setting in the Payment Terms Setup window. At the end, simply click on the redisplay button.  Now with GP 2015, making minor, incremental changes to the terms code just became quite simple!

What will your existing terms code look like after the upgrade?  Users may need to evaluate their terms codes after the upgrade to GP 2015. The following chart demonstrates the expected path of your data to the new table layout.

GP2015 Table Layout


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