The Top New Updates in GP 2015

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Since its release in December, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 has been helping customers improve their business processes with its many upgraded features.  The following blog post describes the top new features in GP 2015 that your company can be taking advantage of today.

System 2015

  • The ability to copy the Home Page and the Area Page: When setting up a new user, you can now copy and transfer the user’s security settings & content to other users. You can also transfer area page settings to other users as well. This added feature makes it easier and faster to set up new users within Dynamics GP.
  • Another added tool is the Navigation List, which connects you to your Management Reporter reports. From within the Dynamics GP user interface, you can now go to a Navigation List (off your financials tool) and pull up the reports to either view, run, edit or create.
  • They also added a tighter integration to set up companies.


In the Company Setup options, you can now control what data the Management Reporter uses for each company’s General Ledger and/or Analytical Accounting reporting.

Web Client 2015

  • Web Client is the the ability to deploy Dynamics GP on either an internal website or have it be externally facing.

When it was released in 2013, Web Client did not have all of the modules available such as manufacturing, payroll or human resources. Those features are now added in GP 2015 as well as Canadian payroll and the ability to use Web Client with the invoicing module.

Business Intelligence 2015

  • Microsoft released a product called SmartList Designer (an enhancement to the Smart List tool that comes with the product) which allows users to create or modify existing SmartList views.


In GP 2015, Microsoft created a tighter integration with SmartList Designer and Excel. This helps users create SmartList Designer objects using SQL queries that can then be used to publish out to refreshable Excel spreadsheets.

  • Microsoft has also advanced Business Analyzer to be cross-platform (it now works with Apple and Android devices), with a new capability of pulling in management reporter content and Excel reports. This addition encapsulates reports and refreshable data, which is beneficial for people that just need to consume the reports or KPIs very quickly in a graphical format.

Financials 2015

  • Dynamics has had an intercompany functionality for general ledger transactions in previous versions, but it has always lacked the ability to do inquiries back and forth between origination and destination. Microsoft has now made these inquiries much tighter so that a user has visible access to both sides of the entry. The ability to void an intercompany transaction has also been added if chosen to do so.


  • Payment Terms Enhancements: Customers were requesting better, more user-friendly payment terms that would be more flexible. In Dynamics GP 2015, users now have access to:

Due Date Option using Transaction Date
Add Days to Due Date
Additional Due Options
Additional Discount Options
Options: Next Month, Months, Month/Day and Annual

  • Fixed Asset year-end closing report: You can now close the year and print a status report of the year-to-date depreciation, cost basis, accumulated depreciation, netbook and all of the assets affected by the close.

Distribution 2015

  • Edit Email for Historical Documents: Users can now send historical payables remittances and edit the email for historical Receivable Statements, historical remittances, historical sales documents and historical purchase orders.


  • Payables Warning when a Purchase Order is Open: A new warning message has been added when entering a payables transaction for a vendor with an outstanding PO or un-voiced receipt.


  • Microsoft has added even more Workflow features with GP 2015 in addition to what was provided with GP 2013 R2:6_600
  • Microsoft has also provided a handful of Employee Self Service objects:


Other Notable Updates

  • Project Employee Expense Report and Project Timesheet Entry have replaced all of the functionality of both Business Portal T&E and PDK.8_600

Time can now be directly entered through the GP platform:
Self-Service User
Business Portal Time & Attendance Replacement
Enter “Time on Behalf Of”
Approval Workflow

  • Lastly, employees can view and edit their employment information (address, dependents, emergency contacts and position history), education information, skills and training history. They can also review benefits, print their paystubs from the paystubs navigation list, edit W4 information and more.

Watch our full 50-minute Webinar for visual demonstrations on the above Dynamics GP 2015 features.


What’s New in GP 2015 Webinar

Hear the reasons customers are upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. We will cover the improvements made in the following areas:  System Wide, Web Client, Business Intelligence (BI), Financials, and Distribution.

Customer Success Story: Blu Dot

Blu Dot was born in 1997. Their goal is to bring good design to as many people as possible. That means creating products that are useful, affordable and desirable. To make that happen, their design process is founded on collaboration. Blu Dot likes to think that the form is almost inevitable, a by-product of the process. Their job is simply to help design emerge as beautifully and as efficiently as possible.


Blu Dot’s business was growing faster than their manual systems would allow, so they turned to InterDyn BMI for technology solutions that would scale with their business. Since then, revenues have grown from $7M to $80M.

InterDyn BMI worked collaboratively with Blu Dot to provide a Microsoft based technology infrastructure that would grow with their business. The solution included Microsoft Dynamics GP, SQL Server, Exchange and Windows Desktop. The solution platform also supports robust companion products to enhance their business and the ability to integrate with other business systems and applications.

InterDyn BMI has consistently met and exceeded the expectations of our growing company’s demands. From supporting overseas offices and retail stores, to our recent office and warehouse move, they have always provided professional service with technical consultants who are knowledgeable, productive, and willing to go the extra mile to resolve issues. It is a tremendous asset to our company to work with a team of people who we can trust to support our IT requirements.”


  • Decreased report creation time by more than 75%
  • Enhanced distribution power and functionality to drive growth
  • Became greener by reducing paper usage by 25%
  • Moved focus to core values and growing the business rather than on low-value administrative tasks
  • Achieved GAAP compliance