What to Expect in the June Release of GP 2015 R2


What can you anticipate in the June release of GP 2015 R2?

Microsoft recently adopted a six-month release cadence for Dynamics GP. The latest version, Dynamics GP 2015 launched in December 2014 so now it is time for the next wave of functionality.  The efforts to include some of the top 25 features requested by customers include the popular new features shown below in bolded text.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 New Features:

  • Purchasing all-in-one Document Viewer which allows users to see the entire life cycle of purchasing transactions on a single form
  • Workflow type for Accounts Payable transaction approval
  • Workflow for document attachments
  • Analytical accounting transaction view in SmartLists
  • Self Service User Type – making more affordable licensing
  • Employees Self Service – W2
  • Combine General Ledger Inquiry – historical and current year lookup
  • Ability to create SQL Views using SmartList Designer
  • SmartLists display debits then credits – an accounting concept reality!
  • Default SmartList visibility
  • Mask SSN on Payroll & HR reports
  • Use a credit card as payment type for Payables check run process
  • Historical received not invoiced report
  • Auto deposit cash receipts in bank reconciliation
  • Customer over-credit-limit visual indicator
  • Scriptable provisioning & management
  • Enable email for all sales & purchase document formats
  • Time Management App: This companion app is available on Windows, iOS and Android. It enables users to manage and report their time via an easy-to-use mobile application.

A GP 2015 R3 release is expected in the six-month timeframe, which will continue to build on the workflows we are all coming to embrace in the GP realm. Stay tuned for further details on some of the above R2 feature set!


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