Nonprofits Need To Focus On Their Mission, Not Their Paperwork

CB100563Nonprofit organizations have made it through a few very tight years during and after the great recession.  Many are finding that their members aren’t donating as much or as often, which forces nonprofits to work harder with fewer resources.  Make the most of what you have and keep focused on your mission by replacing inadequate software with better technology.

Entry-level accounting software and spreadsheets may be affordable, but they aren’t as effective as an appropriate enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.  A robust ERP solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, can provide greater control and insight over limited resources so that you can stay focused on your mission and not be distracted by redundant paperwork.  Download “9 Practical Ways Nonprofits Can Spend More Time Focused On Their Mission,” a complimentary infographic, and learn how ERP can support your mission:

  1. Streamline financial management:  Nonprofits rely on inconsistent income from membership dues, donations, grant programs, or other sources.  You can manage income streams and grant programs individually, while maintaining a full view of your financial operations with Microsoft Dynamics GP.  You can also use automated alerts to notify of potential overspending, which can have a significant impact on grant-funded projects.
  2. Save time on reporting:  The board of directors, regulatory agencies, granting authorities, and your membership will ask for financial, membership, or program-specific data.  Instead of updating spreadsheets or searching through file cabinets, you can use the reporting features of Microsoft Dynamics GP to prepare and share the data that is needed by these groups.  Prompt responses shows accountability, transparency, and can build goodwill with those you serve.
  3. Improve membership and community relationships:  Microsoft Dynamics GP offers time-saving automations, including workflows and notifications that can be used to remind you to stay in touch with your membership, donors, and the industry groups or the community that you serve.  Send out personalized, yet automated, replies to membership renewals or donations and keep your members updated with upcoming events with emails or other communications.

Today’s powerful ERP solutions can provide greater insight and control over financial activities and they are affordable for nonprofits on strict budgets.  Contact InterDyn BMI for more information about using ERP to stay focused on your mission and not on your paperwork.


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