Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap to 2015 R2


Dynamics GP 2015 R2 Feature Review:

  • Historical Received Not Invoiced Report
  • Auto Deposit Cash Receipts in Bank Rec
  • Visual Indicator for Customer Over Credit Limit
  • Enable Email for all Sales/Purchasing Forms (Short, Long, Other)
  • Self Service User Type
  • AP Invoice Workflow Approval
  • Workflow Document Attach
  • All-in-One Document Viewer – Purchasing
  • SQL View Designer
  • SmartLists Display Debits then Credits
  • SmartLists – Default New Favorites to User vs. System
  • Hide/Show SSN on Payroll & HR Reports
  • View W2
  • Combine GL Summary and Detail Inquiry Windows
  • Time Management App

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Drop Ship, Shipment Notification and Cost Calculations in Dynamics GP


An important consideration when evaluating and implementing the options for Drop Ship and using Shipment Notifications is the cost you want applied to the sales item.

In Dynamics GP, Sales Line items can be marked as Drop Ship by marking the D check box. Typically the next action is to create a Purchase Order from that Drop Ship line resulting in the item then being delivered from the supplier (vendor) directly to the customer.

So far, so good.

The next step is usually to process an Enter/Match transaction to indicate that the vendor has shipped the item to the customer. However, in some circumstances the invoice to the customer needs to be sent prior to the invoice from the vendor arriving for entry into GP.

The Shipment Notification tool will allow the Drop Ship Sales Line item on the order to be transferred to invoice prior to invoicing the purchase order.

This tools functionality, which is a part of the Professional Services Tools Library of additional downloads, can be automated using Dex.ini switches to allow administrators to drive actions, or there is a window in which an end user may choose the actions per transaction.

The following DEX.INI switches are available for use with the tool

  • taShipmentNotificationAlwaysTransfer = true
    • If this switch exists in the dex.ini and is set to true, orders will always be allowed to be transferred to invoices, even if the Shipped flag in the taShipmentNotification table is not marked.
  • taShipmentNotificationAlwaysPost = true
    • If this switch exists in the dex.ini and is set to true, invoices will always be allowed to post, even if the Shipped flag is not marked.
  • taShipmentNotificationAllowVoids = true
    • If this switch exists in the dex.ini and is set to true, invoices will be able to be voided, even if they have Purchase Order Commitments.

The alternative is a window (which is controlled by standard GP security) where an end user can specifically select which documents can transfer without doing a Purchase Invoice Match:


All very helpful features for your consideration.

However, it is very important to note that it is at the time the Purchase Invoice Match takes place that the cost on the Purchase Order drives back to the Sales Order line. So, if you choose to use the Shipment Notification tool, and invoice the sale prior to matching the PO, the sales line item will pull the item cost from the Item record (depending on which valuation method you use on the item) not from the specific cost that the vendor charged you on the Purchase Order. The price on the sales line item is derived from the item price lists, so the cost (difference between price and cost) will determine your profit margin on this sale when you report sales. This profit margin is an important factor when reviewing your business sales activities.

InterDyn BMI would be happy to help you evaluate these features for your business use and point out any areas where you might need to carefully consider the overall impacts on your specific requirements.

Why You Should Attend The 2015 GP User Group Summit

gpugThe GP User Group Summit in Reno, NV is three days dedicated to helping you increase productivity and get maximum benefits from your Dynamics GP implementation. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to network with and learn best practices from other users, to discover the solutions to issues from other professionals who use the software every day, and to participate in interactive training sessions and group discussions.

Developing and maintaining professional relationships is an important aspect of any organization, especially in today’s technology-driven world. The User Group Summit is the perfect place to network and build a stronger community with your clients, partners, Microsoft representatives and other passionate individuals in the industry.

In addition to 200 interactive breakout sessions with other users and subject-matter experts, the conference will enable you to learn more about the software from Microsoft employees and technology partners. You can also attend the Expo, which features some of the top Dynamics Partners. You’ll learn new ideas and evaluate add-on solutions that could help your organization realize additional productivity from your implementation.

George Kourounis is the keynote speaker this year and he is ready to motivate you into “making the fear disappear”. As a storm-chaser and the host of Angry Planet, Kourounis will show you that fear is not only something that can be managed & controlled, it is a vital element to accomplishing anything worthwhile. Plus, the Summit expo floor will be filled with Microsoft product experts, giving you the chance to ask all the questions you have about your business solutions. Get ready to leave inspired.

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