Making the Most of Your GP Upgrade


This is a two part series of blog posts that address the questions of:

  1. Why Upgrade
  2. How to make the upgrade process most successful and least stressful

So, why upgrade?

If you are on Microsoft Dynamics version GP2010 or older, the chances are that you are either in the process of upgrading to a newer version of GP, or are considering an upgrade soon.  The Microsoft support discontinuance deadline of October 13, 2015 applies to GP2010.  Older versions will have already stopped Microsoft support.  An upgrade will then ensure you continue receiving enhancement support and important tax update patches/code availability. InterDyn BMI is always happy to provide application level support to any version you are on in GP.

With that knowledge in mind, now consider the business drivers of your upgrade up front.  What are the key objectives of the upgrade?   This determines the basis of how a successful upgrade for your organization is defined and measured.  Examples of some frequently noted business objects are as follows:

  1. Staying Current on the Software features – The primary objective of your upgrade may very well be to stay current on the latest release of GP.  If so, determine where you can leverage new features to replace time consuming manual or repetitive tasks.  There are several new features available in GP2013, and GP2015 which you should review to see if you can take advantage of them.
  2. New or Emerging Compliance and Reporting Requirements – One topic top of mind today is how organizations can meet reporting requirements associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).   Also, you might consider making a detailed list of all of your reporting requirements, ACA related or not.   Some requirements may dictate the use of new technologies available like SSRS, Excel Refreshable reports, or possibly additional third party software.
  3. Creating Business Process Efficiencies – Determine where you can leverage newer version functionality to replace time consuming manual or repetitive tasks.  Training on new functionality after an upgrade is a perfect opportunity to consider “Why have I always done it this way when it seems so labor intensive?”  New navigation tips and tricks are available to you during scheduled time with the InterDyn consulting team within the upgrade process.  Ask us about easier ways to do tasks and see the data you need.
  4. Updating an Aging Infrastructure – The question of hardware compatibility can drive planning to replace old outdated hardware.  Replacing infrastructure can actually make your upgrade easier and can also be a requirement of newer releases of software.  If existing hardware were to fail, would your version of Dynamics GP be able to run on new hardware?  InterDyn experts can help you understand the requirements and options, including several cloud or hosted possibilities.  Imagine….no initial outlay of cash to purchase new servers as a part of the upgrade process!?
  5. Timing – What timing is best to schedule your upgrade and by what date do you need to be upgraded?  Can your business tolerate downtime during business hours?  What amount of time can be committed by your internal staff to the testing of scenarios prior to rolling out the live update?  How should rolling out the live update coordinate with your internal accounting cycle to be the least interruptive to your business?  InterDyn experts have options for your consideration that can meet your requirements for a smooth timing transition.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog series which addresses: How to make the upgrade process most successful and least stressful.


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