Making the Most of Your GP Upgrade (Part 2)

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This is a two part series of blog posts that address the questions of:

  1. Why Upgrade
  2. How to make the upgrade process most successful and least stressful

So, how do you make the upgrade process most successful and least stressful? Hopefully you saw part #1 of this blog series: Why Upgrade? 

Now it is time to develop a strong plan.  This is where an experienced GP Partner can be especially helpful. InterDyn BMI is ready to assist!

  1. Review compatibility of every application and system that GP either runs on or interacts with:
    1. Server Operating System
    2. Workstation Operating System
    3. SQL Server Version
    4. 3rd Party Versions
    5. Peripheral Software Versions
    6. Customizations
  2. Define your infrastructure choices/decisions. What platform have you chosen and will there be a migration path to a new solution required?  Also consider the various deployment options available to you.
    1. On Premise – Physical or Virtual
    2. Hosted and/or Cloud – Offsite, no server hardware required on premise
    3. Managed Services – InterDyn offers IT managed services in an array of formats to help relieve or supplement your existing IT resources.

Regardless of your choice in this area, InterDyn will work closely with your IT team to come up with a plan for how to move forward with your chosen solution.

  1. Define which new features and functionality are to be deployed within the new version, and schedule training where appropriate to ensure your organization is well positioned to maximize the use of the new capabilities.
  2. Review the detailed list of all of your reporting requirements made in the ‘Why Upgrade’ steps. Some requirements may dictate the use of new technologies available like SSRS, Excel Refreshable reports, or possibly additional third party software.  Have all requirements been addressed?
  3. Business process efficiencies. Determine where you can leverage new functionality to replace time consuming manual or repetitive tasks.  Consider what tasks take what you consider ‘too much time’ that InterDyn can help find you options for?

Take action….incorporate a Test upgrade.  This test process provides you and your organization the opportunity to walk through the upgrade process and learn the impacts at a time when you have more flexibility.  You will then be able to process your company specific transactions and scenarios in the upgraded test system to learn what the difference might be and address any questions or concerns within the new platform, all without disrupting your business.

The TEST upgrade process will result in you having reliable information including:

  1. The amount of time needed for the actual live upgrade, beginning to end
    1. Time it takes to download software
    2. Ensure operability of registration keys
    3. Server processing time for upgrade actions
  2. Your required changes to your processes as a result of:
    1. Customizations
    2. 3rd Party
    3. Modified reports
    4. Test Payroll

Test, Test, Test.   It does take time…..but the unforeseen negative consequences are alleviated.  It’s especially important to test those business processes made available to you by the use of any third party products.

If you are interested in an efficient, well executed upgrade then a taking the time to do a test upgrade can save you time and money overall.

InterDyn has years of experience upgrading customers in all sorts of businesses, with all sorts of configurations.  Please contact us today at to learn how we can provide support to your initiatives to upgrade.


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