Affordable Care Act Reporting in Dynamics GP

Phase 1: Determine Eligibility, Begin Tracking

Phase 2: Reporting, Employees & IRS


Phase 1

Phase 1 was included in the 2014 Year-End Update

  • Track changes to records in place
    • Includes table/column changes for automatic AVA tracking in calendar year 2015
  • Included in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and higher
    • No tracking available for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010
  • Need to use Human Resources Management even if you only owned Payroll previously
    • GP PR customers own and should have the HR module installed with GP2013 +

What must you do to begin tracking?

  • Install the 2014 Year-End Update / GP2015 Jan hotfix
  • Make sure Human Resource is installed
  • Install Human Resources and Payroll Suite to utilize Deductions in Arrears (DIA)
    • Deductions in Arrears allows you to track uncollected deductions to ensure they are recovered in a future pay run.
  • Reconcile your Benefits from PR to HR
  • Enter your dependents and ACA information
    • Dependent info required only for self-insured plans

Look back period

  • Time clock information
  • UPR30300 detail by check, employee, code, year
  • UPR30301 summary by month
  • Employee Pay History report


  • Extra Field
  • Secondary Status
  • Additional information

Benefit Master and Setup (HR)

  • BE010130
  • BE020230

Benefit History Tracking

  • HR_Benefit_History_2 (HR2BEN10)
  • HR_Benefit_Life_Hist (HR24BE17)
  • HR_Benefit_Retire_Hist (HR2BEN39)
  • HR_Benefit_Tiers_MSTR_Hist (HR2BEN40)

Phase 2

Who has to file?

All Applicable Large Employers (ALE members). ALE members are employers that employ 50 or more full-time employees on average. (A full-time employee is anyone who works more than 30 hours a week or more than 130 hours per month.)

When do employers need to file?

  • Due to employees by February 1 for 2016.
  • There is a waiver for employees with 50-99 employees for 2015. You MUST file 1094-C and sign the workforce was not decreased. (2016 = no waiver).
  • File by February 28 (And by March 31 if electronic).

If you have more than 250 employees, you must file electronically. GP will not file electronically (Would need a 3rd party such as Greenshades or Integrity Data Sypnio).

The IRS penalty for non-filing of mandated reporting has gone up to $500 per required return. Yes, this applies to ACA returns due Q1 2016: the much-talked-about Form 1095-C for employees and its transmittal, Form 1094-C.

E-filing of Form 1094-C (the transmittal of Form 1095-C) is required for submissions of 250 or more. E-filing functionality is not available in the ACA changes to Dynamics GP 2013 and GP 2015.

To be ACA compliant, entities that are commonly controlled or affiliated must consolidate reporting on Form 1094-C. With ACA changes to Dynamics GP 2013 and GP 2015, you can print Form 1094-C from employee records on a single database, but not from records on multiple databases. NOTE: this may mean employers using MEM with payroll.

GP: What needs to be set up? What is available to print?

  • Add ACA details to Health Insurance Enrollment for each employee:


NOTE: If employer has 250 or more FT employees, then one of the ISV products to be identified later in the session would be required for electronic filing. Data is not then pulled from this window in that case.

  • ACA Offer of Coverage available code options include:

  • Safe Harbor available code options include (regulations provide for three separate “safe harbor” methods that may be used by large employers to determine affordability):

  • Add Employee Dependent details for each employee (Dependents required only on self-insured plans):

  •  Prior to printing forms, you can edit the details as required:

  •  Print the 1095-C Navigation: Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Routines >> Print W-2:

  • Forms Added/Updated within GP
    • Print W-2 (UPR_Year_End_Wage_Forms_Printing) 
    • Edit W-2 (UPR_Year_End_Editing_W2)  
  • Reports Added/Updated within GP
    • 1094-C Transmittal of Employer Health Ins
    • 1095-C Employer-Provided Health Insurance

Additional Resources Available to You


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