Dynamics GP Workflows to Simplify the Approval Process

Workflow 2.0 – Not SharePoint dependent! GP now offers 13 workflow types within the GP interface for you to consider implementing within your organization. Imagine the ability to approve a PO from an e-mail, or approve changes to employee profiles from a complete list of changes made before processing payroll.


  • Payables Batch Approval – allow your employees to submit batches of payables transactions for approval.
  • Payables Transaction Approval – allow your employees to submit payables transactions for approval.
  • Purchase Order Approval – allow your employees to submit Purchase Orders for approval.
  • Purchase Requisition Approval – allow your employees to submit Purchase Requisitions for approval.
  • Vendor Approval – allow your employees to create and/or edit vendors and submit for approval.

Financial, Sales & Project Accounting

  • GL Batch Approval: Allow your employees to submit batches of journal entries for approval.
  • Receivables Batch Approval: Allow your employees to submit batches receivables transactions for approval.
  • Expense Report Approval: allow your employees to submit project Employee Expense reports for approval.
  • Timesheet Approval: Allow your employees to submit project timesheets for approval.

Payroll Workflows

  • Employee Profile Approval – allow your employees to change their employee information, add Emergency Contacts, Dependents and view their Position History.
  • Employee Skills Approval: Employees can see/edit their Education, Test, Skills and Training History information.
  • Employee Direct Deposit Approval: Your employees can view/change and STOP their direct deposit information.
  • Employee Timecard Approval: Your employees can submit timecards for approval.
  • Employee W4 Approval: Your employee can change their federal tax information on this W4 form and submit it for approval and it has history tracking.


Logic Tips

An OR statement is exclusive, and not able to be inclusive of other statements

  • You cannot route a workflow based on X & Y & (Z OR Z2 OR Z3)
    • The workflow in this example would be treated as: (X & Y & Z) OR Z2 OR Z3
  • The best practice for a scenario would be to have 3 conditions in one step: Z & X & Y OR Z1 & X & Y OR Z2 & X & Y
  • You cannot set hard coded “approval limits” like you could with Business Portal
  • You instead have to route the workflow based on amounts on the document.
  • The setup of the workflow will vary based on whether or not you want sequential approval, or skip level approval.
    • Should the document go directly to the level approver, or have to be approved by each approver in the chain?


SMTP Server Settings

  • Settings are server-specific, and must be provided by the Exchange Admin for the environment.
  • Common Email provider SMTP settings can usually be found online.
    • Office365: smtp.office365.com, port 587
    • Hotmail: smtp.live.com, port 25 or 465
  • Use the Test Email button to verify that the settings are correct.
    • You will receive a test email notification if the settings allow mail transmission

Web Services for Approval

  • Web Services can be installed to allow workflow approvals/rejections without needing to open GP.
    • To enable approvals from anywhere, you must set up a public DNS record to forward to a static IP on your router, then port forward to the server where Web Services is installed
  • In the “Enable Email Actions” area, enter the public DNS address that resolves back to the Web Services Server
    • The Approve and Reject links are then generated with the public DNS record.
    • Only check the HTTPS link if Web Services has been configured with HTTPS, otherwise the links will be generated with HTTPS instead of HTTP.
  • Note: R2 version also includes attachments

Email Message ID’s

  • The Document Drillback in the email notification requires GP to be open on the same machine you’re receiving the email on
    • The design idea is that the Message ID would be modified so that the email would contain all the necessary information to allow the approver to make the decision without opening GP.


Email Approval

  • You’ll need to authenticate to the remote domain after clicking the link
  • The approval page contains no information, but you can enter a comment
  • Company and Tenant information is contained in the link, so this supports Multi-Tenant Web Services.
  • Since the drillback only opens the inquiry window, approval is only possible through this link.


If you would like to find out more about how simple and complete the approval process is, contact an InterDyn BMI representative today.


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