Report Definition in Management Reporter

By Annette Brown, Senior GP Implementation Consultant

Are you using FRx today and you know you need to move to a new reporting tool? Watch our recorded webinar, which covered Management Reporter and what it can offer you in reporting as well as how you can easily migrate from FRx.

In Management Reporter, what is the base period? 

Think of “base” as a parameter getting filled in when the report is run.  You fill this in by choosing a Report Date.

“Base” Period refers to the “month” chosen on the Report Definition.  The green Arrow is the “Base” Month, the Red arrow is the “Base” Year.

NOTE: Base Period is defined in the way you have set up the fiscal periods in your GP.  Some have just 12 to represent monthly buckets, some have 13 (and use 1 for an adjusting period), and others have set up 52 periods and their periods represent weeks.

Report Definition

“Base” is used in the Column Definition to adjust the time frame returned to the report.  This is how you make the report dynamic and give you the appropriate “Period” and “Year”.  It is what allows you to run the report for any Report Date chosen at run time.

Column Definition

Where can I get training on how to set up our reports with columns and rows?

InterDyn BMI offers in-depth training of a variety of classes and per-company based training classes. Annette Brown would be happy to discuss options if you are interested in further training.

How do you switch the report definition screen for multiple companies?

This all depends on if you are using a tree in your report and how your tree is set up. You can do this by clicking on the arrow in the company name.

However, in the below report definition example, I am using a tree. Therefore, it will pull the company from the tree setup.

Where can I get sample reports?

NOTE: You will have to be on at least CU6 to have this option and see sample reports.

To learn more, you can watch Let’s Learn Management Reporter on YouTube now.


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