Payroll Update If You Are in Oregon

By Bryan Wilton, President


If you do payroll taxes in Oregon, listen up!  The Standard Deduction and Personal Exemptions were not updated correctly with Round 2. I reposted everything today. If you run payroll in Oregon, reinstall the tax update to verify your tax information is correct, it is a small amount, but always good to be on the latest tax tables. If you have already applied round 2, you will get this warning, say yes and GP will install the new tables for you.  Date remains the same.

MS3 was 4315 should be 4350, S2 was 2155 should be  2175, S3 was 4315 should be  4350, Personal exemption amount was 195 should be 197.

As a reminder for Dynamics GP 2013 users – end of support for taxes / year end is April 2018, which really is right after Year End next year.  If you are on GP 2013, we would encourage you to consider upgrading this year to be prepared.  We are hearing from Microsoft that they will have a very minimal Year End update for GP 2013 this fall/winter. It will be best to get on GP 2016 and enjoy the new features.

Click here to check out a great video on GP 2016 R2.


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