A Glimpse of Dynamics GP 2018

By Bryan Wilton, President 

As we look to GP 2018, due out around December 1st this year, Microsoft is starting to drip out some of the new ideas and features which are expected to make it into the product. We know already, that most of the feature list will come from end users and their suggestions. This is really the first time where Microsoft has dedicated a full release to be built off user ideas and needs. The power of the installed base is shining through in GP 2018. A few of the particulars are:

  • Workflow 3.0
    • Reminder emails
    • Workflow history reports
    • GL account workflow
    • Additional fields to be added to WF email messages
  • Payroll Enhancements
    • Added functionality around Garnishments
    • Changes to Dependent Codes in Payroll
  • Enhancements to Suggested Purchase Order functionality
  • Additional sorts added to customer / vendor inquiry windows

Check back often for updates as we are able to add details.