Word Form Templates in Dynamics GP

Word Forms were created to replace the traditional GP reports or forms that we print.

  • Financial – 5 Templates
  • Sales / Receivables – 30 Templates
  • Purchasing / Payables – 2 Templates
  • All SOP / POP Forms Available in Word

All of the Sales Order Processing Forms, as well as the Purchase Order Forms, are able to be printed using Microsoft Word.

Keep in mind, if you want to email SOP & POP Forms (an invoice or credit memo for example), you have to use the Word Template. You cannot natively email the Dynamics GP Report Writer report that you print.

Word Form Templates are driven off the Dynamics GP Report Writer report. So, if you have a modified invoice that you currently print off of GP or you have an out-of-the-box sales quote or invoice, those can all be printed in Word.

Dynamics GP will convert the Report Writer report (whether it’s modified or standard) to an XML format. Then, the template engine that is actually built into Dynamics GP interprets and grabs the data, and moves it into the Word Template through XML. At the end, the document is presented in Word.  While this may seem like a fairly complex process, it is all done behind the scenes within a matter of seconds.

The takeaway from explaining this process is that you cannot get rid of your GP Report Writer reports if you are going to use the Word Form Templates. This is because the Word Forms are still driven from your modified GP Reports. In other words, if you want to make a change to your Word Template document, it has to be done first in the GP Report Writer.

You have four choices when emailing the documents out:

  • PDF: The most common
  • DOCX: The current versions of Microsoft Word
    • Protected
      • Example: When you produce a sales invoice to a customer in Word (the DOCX extension), you most likely do not want them to be able to change the dollar amounts in the document. Therefore, you would use the “protected” option.
  • Word to Open (Editable)
  • XPS:  Microsoft equivalent of PDF
  • HTML: Sending your document as an HTML will allow your customer to open it generically on their screen. You would use this option if you do not know what your customer uses.

Click here to see a demonstration of how Word Templates work in Dynamics GP, (fast forward to minute 29:00), in our recorded webinar hosted by InterDyn BMI President, Bryan Wilton.