Processes Running in GP2015 with Windows 10

Have you recently upgraded to GP2015?  And is your GP install on a Windows 10 client?  And are you getting messages that look like this:

When you look in the Process Monitor by navigating to:

You find a long list of processes that seem to be ‘Stuck’


It might seem like the next and only option would be to use the Task Manager to End Task on the application, but there is a better solution.

It seems that the icon on the desktop and on the start menu for Windows 10 do not always work well after an upgrade to GP2015.  If you click on the icon multiple times in an attempt to open GP2015, you may end up with multiple processes of the Dynamics.exe in the process monitor.  As a result, GP2015 won’t open until you delete the process in Task Manager.

So, as an alternative, training the end user to Right Click on the desktop GP2015 icon and choose OPEN, or alternatively pin the GP2015 icon to the shortcut to the taskbar will allow users to successfully open GP2015 without the multiple processes issue.

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Dynamics GP Workflows to Simplify the Approval Process

Workflow 2.0 – Not SharePoint dependent! GP now offers 13 workflow types within the GP interface for you to consider implementing within your organization. Imagine the ability to approve a PO from an e-mail, or approve changes to employee profiles from a complete list of changes made before processing payroll.


  • Payables Batch Approval – allow your employees to submit batches of payables transactions for approval.
  • Payables Transaction Approval – allow your employees to submit payables transactions for approval.
  • Purchase Order Approval – allow your employees to submit Purchase Orders for approval.
  • Purchase Requisition Approval – allow your employees to submit Purchase Requisitions for approval.
  • Vendor Approval – allow your employees to create and/or edit vendors and submit for approval.

Financial, Sales & Project Accounting

  • GL Batch Approval: Allow your employees to submit batches of journal entries for approval.
  • Receivables Batch Approval: Allow your employees to submit batches receivables transactions for approval.
  • Expense Report Approval: allow your employees to submit project Employee Expense reports for approval.
  • Timesheet Approval: Allow your employees to submit project timesheets for approval.

Payroll Workflows

  • Employee Profile Approval – allow your employees to change their employee information, add Emergency Contacts, Dependents and view their Position History.
  • Employee Skills Approval: Employees can see/edit their Education, Test, Skills and Training History information.
  • Employee Direct Deposit Approval: Your employees can view/change and STOP their direct deposit information.
  • Employee Timecard Approval: Your employees can submit timecards for approval.
  • Employee W4 Approval: Your employee can change their federal tax information on this W4 form and submit it for approval and it has history tracking.


Logic Tips

An OR statement is exclusive, and not able to be inclusive of other statements

  • You cannot route a workflow based on X & Y & (Z OR Z2 OR Z3)
    • The workflow in this example would be treated as: (X & Y & Z) OR Z2 OR Z3
  • The best practice for a scenario would be to have 3 conditions in one step: Z & X & Y OR Z1 & X & Y OR Z2 & X & Y
  • You cannot set hard coded “approval limits” like you could with Business Portal
  • You instead have to route the workflow based on amounts on the document.
  • The setup of the workflow will vary based on whether or not you want sequential approval, or skip level approval.
    • Should the document go directly to the level approver, or have to be approved by each approver in the chain?


SMTP Server Settings

  • Settings are server-specific, and must be provided by the Exchange Admin for the environment.
  • Common Email provider SMTP settings can usually be found online.
    • Office365:, port 587
    • Hotmail:, port 25 or 465
  • Use the Test Email button to verify that the settings are correct.
    • You will receive a test email notification if the settings allow mail transmission

Web Services for Approval

  • Web Services can be installed to allow workflow approvals/rejections without needing to open GP.
    • To enable approvals from anywhere, you must set up a public DNS record to forward to a static IP on your router, then port forward to the server where Web Services is installed
  • In the “Enable Email Actions” area, enter the public DNS address that resolves back to the Web Services Server
    • The Approve and Reject links are then generated with the public DNS record.
    • Only check the HTTPS link if Web Services has been configured with HTTPS, otherwise the links will be generated with HTTPS instead of HTTP.
  • Note: R2 version also includes attachments

Email Message ID’s

  • The Document Drillback in the email notification requires GP to be open on the same machine you’re receiving the email on
    • The design idea is that the Message ID would be modified so that the email would contain all the necessary information to allow the approver to make the decision without opening GP.


Email Approval

  • You’ll need to authenticate to the remote domain after clicking the link
  • The approval page contains no information, but you can enter a comment
  • Company and Tenant information is contained in the link, so this supports Multi-Tenant Web Services.
  • Since the drillback only opens the inquiry window, approval is only possible through this link.


If you would like to find out more about how simple and complete the approval process is, contact an InterDyn BMI representative today.

Drop Ship, Shipment Notification and Cost Calculations in Dynamics GP


An important consideration when evaluating and implementing the options for Drop Ship and using Shipment Notifications is the cost you want applied to the sales item.

In Dynamics GP, Sales Line items can be marked as Drop Ship by marking the D check box. Typically the next action is to create a Purchase Order from that Drop Ship line resulting in the item then being delivered from the supplier (vendor) directly to the customer.

So far, so good.

The next step is usually to process an Enter/Match transaction to indicate that the vendor has shipped the item to the customer. However, in some circumstances the invoice to the customer needs to be sent prior to the invoice from the vendor arriving for entry into GP.

The Shipment Notification tool will allow the Drop Ship Sales Line item on the order to be transferred to invoice prior to invoicing the purchase order.

This tools functionality, which is a part of the Professional Services Tools Library of additional downloads, can be automated using Dex.ini switches to allow administrators to drive actions, or there is a window in which an end user may choose the actions per transaction.

The following DEX.INI switches are available for use with the tool

  • taShipmentNotificationAlwaysTransfer = true
    • If this switch exists in the dex.ini and is set to true, orders will always be allowed to be transferred to invoices, even if the Shipped flag in the taShipmentNotification table is not marked.
  • taShipmentNotificationAlwaysPost = true
    • If this switch exists in the dex.ini and is set to true, invoices will always be allowed to post, even if the Shipped flag is not marked.
  • taShipmentNotificationAllowVoids = true
    • If this switch exists in the dex.ini and is set to true, invoices will be able to be voided, even if they have Purchase Order Commitments.

The alternative is a window (which is controlled by standard GP security) where an end user can specifically select which documents can transfer without doing a Purchase Invoice Match:


All very helpful features for your consideration.

However, it is very important to note that it is at the time the Purchase Invoice Match takes place that the cost on the Purchase Order drives back to the Sales Order line. So, if you choose to use the Shipment Notification tool, and invoice the sale prior to matching the PO, the sales line item will pull the item cost from the Item record (depending on which valuation method you use on the item) not from the specific cost that the vendor charged you on the Purchase Order. The price on the sales line item is derived from the item price lists, so the cost (difference between price and cost) will determine your profit margin on this sale when you report sales. This profit margin is an important factor when reviewing your business sales activities.

InterDyn BMI would be happy to help you evaluate these features for your business use and point out any areas where you might need to carefully consider the overall impacts on your specific requirements.

Nonprofits Need To Focus On Their Mission, Not Their Paperwork

CB100563Nonprofit organizations have made it through a few very tight years during and after the great recession.  Many are finding that their members aren’t donating as much or as often, which forces nonprofits to work harder with fewer resources.  Make the most of what you have and keep focused on your mission by replacing inadequate software with better technology.

Entry-level accounting software and spreadsheets may be affordable, but they aren’t as effective as an appropriate enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.  A robust ERP solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, can provide greater control and insight over limited resources so that you can stay focused on your mission and not be distracted by redundant paperwork.  Download “9 Practical Ways Nonprofits Can Spend More Time Focused On Their Mission,” a complimentary infographic, and learn how ERP can support your mission:

  1. Streamline financial management:  Nonprofits rely on inconsistent income from membership dues, donations, grant programs, or other sources.  You can manage income streams and grant programs individually, while maintaining a full view of your financial operations with Microsoft Dynamics GP.  You can also use automated alerts to notify of potential overspending, which can have a significant impact on grant-funded projects.
  2. Save time on reporting:  The board of directors, regulatory agencies, granting authorities, and your membership will ask for financial, membership, or program-specific data.  Instead of updating spreadsheets or searching through file cabinets, you can use the reporting features of Microsoft Dynamics GP to prepare and share the data that is needed by these groups.  Prompt responses shows accountability, transparency, and can build goodwill with those you serve.
  3. Improve membership and community relationships:  Microsoft Dynamics GP offers time-saving automations, including workflows and notifications that can be used to remind you to stay in touch with your membership, donors, and the industry groups or the community that you serve.  Send out personalized, yet automated, replies to membership renewals or donations and keep your members updated with upcoming events with emails or other communications.

Today’s powerful ERP solutions can provide greater insight and control over financial activities and they are affordable for nonprofits on strict budgets.  Contact InterDyn BMI for more information about using ERP to stay focused on your mission and not on your paperwork.

T&E Expense Reporting For Dynamics GP Has Never Been Easier!

Ask any sales person what they dislike the most after a busy and successful sales trip? The inevitable answer is the dreaded expense report!

There are no prizes for guessing that in companies around the world, expense reports are still despised. Yet many companies still process expense reports manually and continue to struggle with it. In today’s paperless world, filling out expense reports in Excel, printing them out and attaching receipts using scotch tape is definitely outmoded. And that is where technology and automation come to the rescue.

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The main reason that many companies struggle to take the first step when it comes to automating the expense reporting process is not knowing where to start. Aberdeen Research Group’s report (‘Expense Management for a New Decade and The Mid-Market Expense Management Program’) says that:

  • 56% of mid-market companies have limited visibility into T&E spending
  • Only 33% leverage cloud-based expense reporting solutions
  • Only 28% utilize corporate credit cards and integrate the data in T&E systems
  • Just 15% provide T&E data to C-level executives for financial forecasting purposes

The good news is that cloud-based T&E expense reporting software like Gorilla Expense have made the automation process very economical and easy to manage. The software provides significant reduction in expense processing costs and removes frustrations for the travelers and accounting teams.

To reap the benefits and take the hassle out of this process, here are some areas for companies to start planning and execute on immediately:

– Utilize the latest technology to automate T&E expense reporting and eliminate manual work

Gorilla Expense provides multiple options for companies to automate the T&E process and for users to submit expenses – mobile, web, corporate credit card import and email forwarding. By utilizing the mobile app, the entire expense report can be submitted from the mobile device by the user without having to get in front of a computer!

The advantage for the user is that the expenses are done immediately after incurred along with all the relevant information including expense categorizations and receipts. Since the managers can approve expense reports on the mobile device, their work becomes quick and simple too.

– Send the expense data to Dynamics GP with a click and stop manual data entry

Once the expense report is approved, the most preferable way is to send the data to GP through an automated integration, without having to manually key in the data.

Gorilla Expense’s ‘1-click’ integration can send the data to GP in one single click! The standard and most common integration is to Payables within GP. Here, Gorilla Expense sends expense data as a Payable Transaction Entry within Purchasing.

Gorilla Expense can also integrate the data to the Project module in GP for project related expenses. The project managers can be setup as approvers in the chain so that there is full visibility of T&E spend related to projects.

– Educate and train employees on T&E best practices, policies and processes

Companies that are serious about tackling the challenges associated with a manual T&E process must provide clear guidelines to employees and communicate them consistently.

When it comes to policies, companies must inform and educate employees about what are considered soft violations, what are hard violations and what are the ramifications for breaking policies.  Companies must appoint a designated expert who can answer questions from employees and clarify doubts.

In conclusion, by simply following these highlighted steps, companies can derive benefits immediately and make life easier for the road warriors and accounting personnel.

The benefits are immediate and immense – improved productivity for all users involved, greater visibility for the stakeholders, increased compliance, better morale for the travelers and taking emotion out of expense reporting.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of T&E automation? Curious to review the mobile app and manager approval? Want to see the GP integration in action?

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Read why InterDyn BMI is holding off on using the Management Reporter Data Mart for Dynamics GP

By Lorna Link, GP Product Manager

Starting with RU3, Management Reporter 2012 includes a new “Data Mart” data provider for Dynamics GP in addition to the one included with earlier versions, which is now referred to as the “Legacy Provider.”

The Legacy method pulls numbers direct from Dynamics GP tables and calculates balances on the fly. This method can be slow especially reporting against multiple companies.

The Data Mart method stores financial information already summarized in its own SQL database. Reports generated using the Data Mart are pulling those summarized numbers instead of calculating them, improving performance for a large quantity of data.

This integration is constantly running. When data changes in Dynamics GP those changes are rolling down in the Data Mart database.

With a few exceptions, Data Mart is Microsoft’s preferred data provider for Dynamics GP, and Microsoft is planning to discontinue Legacy, but the Data Mart has issues that need to be fixed.

Reporting from ‘Legacy’ is one Management Reporter company, Reporting from the Data Mart requires another Management Reporter company

InterDyn BMI has observed issues with the Data Mart data provider, where Management Reporter reports are not returning the data or behaving in a way that a user is expecting. There are more problems with every roll up and they seem to be data mart related, for example:

• Errors during generation
• Missing data on financial reports
• There is a recognized bug with GP2013 with multi-currency is duplicating entries with the Data Mart and Microsoft has said this won’t be fixed until early 2014.
• There is also a bug with the header descriptions not working.
• Issues with analytical accounting reports missing financial data.

RU7 was recently released, but did not directly address all of these issue. We anticipate the RU8 will resolve many of these issue. RU8 should be release in early 2014. At that time we will reevaluate the use of Data Mart for Dynamics GP.

If a client ends up needing the Data Mart or we need to move them to the Data Mart once all issues have been resolved, the time to switch to Legacy is minimal in comparison to the potential problems that would be incurred in the short term with the Data Mart. We would estimate 1-2 hours to switch from Legacy to Data Mart, as estimated below:

1. We would need to remove Legacy, which takes less than a minute.
2. Install the Data Mart, which takes 15 – 20 minutes.
3. Point reports to the different company – up to an hour depending upon the quantity of reports.

Our plan until February 2014 is to install only Legacy for both new implementations and upgrades. When RU8 has been released, the issues are expected to be resolved we’ll resume using the Data Mart unless there is a specific business need to install the Data Mart. We’ll continue to be mindful of the installation recommendations when customers are using Analytical Accounting and Multi Currency.

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TSA Set Up Roll Down Bug

A client recently asked us if it was ok to change the TSA setting on a deduction code that had history. Two of our seasoned Payroll consultants both said “no”, and that if there is history no change can be made in GP to deduction codes with history.

The client changed the TSA flag with their setup and rolled down the setting change from the deduction code setup window and the TSA change was reflected in the employee’s next check. The new TSA setting does not reflect properly in the Employee Deduction Maintenance window.

The screen shots below show the impact to changing the TSA settings at the setup level of a deduction reflecting that is does unmark the TXSHANTY field in the database while leaving the checkboxes marked on the employee deduction card.

Employee deduction card and the SQL query after rolling down the change at the setup level:


(Click on image to view larger).


The situation was reported to Microsoft and they have provided workaround scripts until a fix can be included in a service pack for GP2010 and GP2013.


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