Registration Now Open for Dynamics GP Certification Exams

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The first independent professional certification for Microsoft Dynamics GP is now available to the general public. The Association of Dynamics Professionals (DynamicsPro) began delivering certification exams last fall. The inaugural group of Dynamics Credentialed Professionals is to be congratulated, as they demonstrated their current knowledge of Dynamics GP and a commitment to ongoing professional development.

Now it is your chance to earn this prestigious credential. Dynamics GP & NAV exams are open and available to the general public beginning this month in select cities.

A complete schedule of exams through June, 2016 is also open for registration:

  • Minneapolis on February 23 or March 22
  • Houston on February 23
  • Phoenix on February 23 or March 22

Sign up now to reserve your spot in this first opportunity to demonstrate your Dynamics knowledge and skills!

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll & HR versus ADP

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“The reporting out of ADP is difficult. I have been working with ADP since April last year (2015) and still have trouble finding a report or creating a report.  Also, their support is not the best.  Sometimes I get several different answers to the same question.  After working with both GP and ADP, I would not recommend anyone to go with ADP over GP…”

-Senior Staff Accountant, Public Consulting Company, 170 employees

  • No matter if you choose to run your payroll in-house or with a partner like ADP, you still need to sit in front of a computer screen to create and maintain employee records. It just depends on if you are entering the information into a Dynamics GP screen or ADP screen. Same typing time.
  • Adding additional employees will most likely not cost any more with Microsoft Dynamics GP in-house payroll.
  • Payroll Hours will post to the General Ledger Unit Accounts in Microsoft Dynamics GP Extended Payroll. This allows for hours to be used in Variable General Ledger Allocations for Accounts Payable and General Ledger transactions, to be used in financial reports, and for use in budgeting.   If ADP provides this information to integrate, there will be a one-time customization charge and recurring pay period charge from ADP.  In addition, custom integration charges and potentially integration tool software cost involved on the Dynamics GP side.
  • Payroll Liabilities are posted to Accounts Payable for payment with Microsoft Dynamics GP Extended Payroll. If ADP provides this information to integrate, there will be a one-time customization charge and recurring pay period charge from ADP.  In addition, there are custom integration charges and potentially integration tool software cost involved on the Dynamics GP side.
  • Payroll Accruals are automatically calculated and posted to the Microsoft Dynamics GP General Ledger with Extended Payroll. If ADP provides this information to integrate, there will be a one-time customization charge and recurring pay period charge from ADP.  In addition, custom integration charges and potentially integration tool software cost involved on the Dynamics GP side.
  • Analytical Accounting: With Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll you can allocate and post transactions down to the project, event, job, or grant level.  If ADP provides this information to integrate, there will be a one-time customization charge and recurring pay period charge from ADP.  In addition, there are custom integration charges and potentially integration tool software cost involved on the Dynamics GP side.
  • Cash Flow: With Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll, you control your cash outflow.
  • Timing: With Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll, you control when you process payroll.  No ADP deadlines to be met.
  • Early Termination: With Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll, you can process an employee termination check immediately without additional cost.
  • User Experience: With Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll and HR, the user experience is the same as the other Microsoft ERP and Office applications being used.
  • Reporting: No additional charges for custom reporting or access. Same Microsoft Dynamics reporting tools used for the rest of the ERP system are used with Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll and HR.  Tools such as:  Excel, SQL Server Reporting Services, SmartLists, and Business Analyzer; give users and management immediate access to the information they need.
  • If you stop using ADP by choice, due to business acquisition or bankruptcy, you are still required to keep a minimum of 7 years of auditable records for IRS and other compliance agencies. With Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll and HR, you do not have any required recurring payments or need to print tons of paper to make available records for audit and compliance.
  • Unlike ADP, with Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll and HR, if you need to migrate to a different system in the future, you have easy access to the data and documents. All data and documents are stored in the Microsoft SQL Server database you own.

Smooth ACA Reporting for IRS Compliance: EXTENDED DEADLINE

Affordable Care Act reporting, the most complex workforce reporting ever required, is right around the corner for many U.S. businesses. Similar to requiring that every employee receive a W-2, some employees must also have a 1095-C form in their hands.

The original deadline of Feb 1 was just extended by the IRS to March 31, a bit of breathing room but not a reason to procrastinate! This statement about the availability of health care at your business is required whether or not you:

  • Have offered affordable health care to your full-time employees all along.
  • Have decided to pay the penalties for not offering coverage this year.
  • Employ between 50 and 99 workers and are not facing penalties related to Tax Year 2015 coverage.

You MUST fulfill the IRS reporting requirements around ACA compliance by sending 1095-C forms to certain employees and filing copies of them to the IRS (with the 1094-C transmittal form).

Be aware: The non-filing penalty is $500 per required return! If you act now, it is possible to produce 1095-C forms for your employees by March 31 and then be ACA-ready for filing copies with the IRS.

Our ACA reporting solution can help you.

  • It accepts data from any payroll or ERP system.
  • It is smart, comprehensive and cost-effective.
  • It can be deployed in one day.

Contact InterDyn BMI to learn more about ACA reporting technology.

Dynamics GP 2016 Coming in April

In keeping with Microsoft’s recently adopted six-month cadence for releases of new versions of Dynamics GP, we can begin to look forward to an anticipated release of GP2016 in approximately April, 2016.  Some of the proposed new functionality includes most popular requested features from customers, including

  • Import/Export Smartlist definitions from the Designer – excellent for duplicating lists to another install
  • Smartlist number field exports to Excel will be formatted as numbers not text
  • New Home Page part can optionally display Power BI Reports – nice dashboard view
  • Following on from the GP2015 R2 feature of Purchasing All-in-One view, the GP2016 version will include both Sales and Inventory All-in-One views. Accessible from several different places within the module, these provide requested visibility to your data.


  • Prepayments on Purchase Order has been in existence, but with GP2016 you can now include the entire purchase order amount including taxes, freight & Miscellaneous, not just the PO subtotal amount.
  • Project Accounting fields will now be available on Purchase Requisition entry. Project and Cost Category will now flow to Purchase Orders created from Requisitions.


  • Budget Imports will now provide an exception report displaying accounts that aren’t setup in Dynamics to allow budgeting to
  • When processing checks from GP, there will be a new option to select to pay by credit card. The payments will create an invoice for the credit card vendor along with a remittance form to show the invoices paid
  • Payroll posting accounts setup will now include a navigation list with easy filtering and sorting functionality. Export and Import payroll posting accounts using MS Excel


  • Workflow conditions have been enhanced when determining what to do for next steps when conditions are not met
  • Scanning document attachments now include the ability to include multiples. Document feeder options and formatted as .tiff files will be included
  • https support for Management Reporter helps to further secure communications for report information

Stay tuned for more details on the release of GP2016. Contact InterDyn BMI for more information.

What Microsoft’s Strategy Means for Dynamic GP Users

Our Core

On June 17, 2015, Microsoft announced changes in its Senior Leadership Team to drive engineering alignment against the company’s core ambitions.  Do you know what those core ambitions are and what they mean to you as a Microsoft Dynamics GP user?

Last year on July 10, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated,

“Bold ambition and our core:

  • First, we will obsess over our customers.
  • Second, we know changes will bring on the need for new training, learning and experimentation.
  •  Finally, every team across Microsoft must find ways to simplify and move faster, more efficiently. ”

One year later, Satya continues his statement.

“I have said that Microsoft aspires to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more,” he says. “To do this, building the best-in-class productivity services and platforms for the mobile-first, cloud-first world is at the heart of our strategy, with three interconnected and bold ambitions:

  • Reinvent productivity and business processes
  • Build the intelligent cloud platform
  • Create more personal computing

To better align our capabilities and, ultimately, deliver better products and services our customers love at a more rapid pace, I have decided to organize our engineering effort into three groups that work together to deliver on our strategy and ambitions. The changes take effect today.”

The alignment with last year’s ambitions and core seems quite clear.  Microsoft continues to strategize, realign, and deliver on mobile-first and cloud-first to help you achieve more.  To your benefit, you have chosen to align with this ambitious direction using the Microsoft products.

What this all means to you as a Microsoft Dynamics GP user is better structure, growth, opportunity, relationships, and ongoing possibilities!

As a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner, InterDyn BMI is positioned throughout the United States to bring together Microsoft Core Ambitions with our ambition of creating lifelong relationships with clients (as per CEO John Hendrickson) to create a strong position for your company in the marketplace.

Find out how we can be of service to you today.

Fast Moving Healthcare Requires Fast Moving Technology

MSA13_DigMmt46Today’s healthcare facilities, including medical centers, hospitals, or senior living facilities, are often fast-paced operations that need to be able to capture data quickly.  Reliable, accurate data is needed to make prompt decisions that benefit patients as well as the facilities themselves.  Connect your busy people with the data they need using fast moving technology.

Healthcare facilities are often abuzz with people heading in multiple directions managing patients and caregivers, meeting with suppliers or vendors, and making sure operations are productive and profitable.  In the hustle and bustle of operations, your people need to be confident that the data they are working with is accurate.  Reliable data is not only necessary for those you serve, it’s necessary for your business to be profitable and compliant with regulatory agencies including the Open Payments Act (formerly known as the Sunshine Act).  Timing can be everything when it comes to compliance reporting.  Delays with getting up-to-date data can lead to delayed reporting, which could come with hefty fines.

Whether you operate one facility or several, you need the support of a strong enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.  ERP can provide a strong foundation for managing all of your business operations including financials, inventory and supply chain, and other core data.  Many ERP solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics® GP, offer seamless connections with Concur Expense, another robust solution.  You can stay connected to your people whether they are on the road at networking events, meeting with customers or suppliers, or working between several of your facilities.  Your people can enter expenses as they are created by taking a photo of their receipts with a smartphone or tablet and attaching them to a mobile expense report that can be submitted much faster than traditional, paper-based methods.  As a result, your accounting team can have real-time financial data necessary for managing a profitable business and for various compliance reports.

Busy people don’t have time to figure out complicated specialty software or deal with the inevitable delays caused by entry-level solutions.  Offer your team the efficient, reliable technology that can provide transparency and support productivity and profitability.  Fast moving healthcare facilities require fast moving technology.  Contact InterDyn BMI to learn more about using ERP, Concur Expense and Mobile Apps, and other time-saving automations that can support your people and your business.

Learn how fast moving technology can improve your expense reporting by reading our free “Fix it” guide by Concur.

By InterDyn BMI, a Microsoft ERP and CRM Partner with offices throughout the United States