Payroll Update If You Are in Oregon

By Bryan Wilton, President


If you do payroll taxes in Oregon, listen up!  The Standard Deduction and Personal Exemptions were not updated correctly with Round 2. I reposted everything today. If you run payroll in Oregon, reinstall the tax update to verify your tax information is correct, it is a small amount, but always good to be on the latest tax tables. If you have already applied round 2, you will get this warning, say yes and GP will install the new tables for you.  Date remains the same.

MS3 was 4315 should be 4350, S2 was 2155 should be  2175, S3 was 4315 should be  4350, Personal exemption amount was 195 should be 197.

As a reminder for Dynamics GP 2013 users – end of support for taxes / year end is April 2018, which really is right after Year End next year.  If you are on GP 2013, we would encourage you to consider upgrading this year to be prepared.  We are hearing from Microsoft that they will have a very minimal Year End update for GP 2013 this fall/winter. It will be best to get on GP 2016 and enjoy the new features.

Click here to check out a great video on GP 2016 R2.

Report Definition in Management Reporter

By Annette Brown, Senior GP Implementation Consultant

Are you using FRx today and you know you need to move to a new reporting tool? Watch our recorded webinar, which covered Management Reporter and what it can offer you in reporting as well as how you can easily migrate from FRx.

In Management Reporter, what is the base period? 

Think of “base” as a parameter getting filled in when the report is run.  You fill this in by choosing a Report Date.

“Base” Period refers to the “month” chosen on the Report Definition.  The green Arrow is the “Base” Month, the Red arrow is the “Base” Year.

NOTE: Base Period is defined in the way you have set up the fiscal periods in your GP.  Some have just 12 to represent monthly buckets, some have 13 (and use 1 for an adjusting period), and others have set up 52 periods and their periods represent weeks.

Report Definition

“Base” is used in the Column Definition to adjust the time frame returned to the report.  This is how you make the report dynamic and give you the appropriate “Period” and “Year”.  It is what allows you to run the report for any Report Date chosen at run time.

Column Definition

Where can I get training on how to set up our reports with columns and rows?

InterDyn BMI offers in-depth training of a variety of classes and per-company based training classes. Annette Brown would be happy to discuss options if you are interested in further training.

How do you switch the report definition screen for multiple companies?

This all depends on if you are using a tree in your report and how your tree is set up. You can do this by clicking on the arrow in the company name.

However, in the below report definition example, I am using a tree. Therefore, it will pull the company from the tree setup.

Where can I get sample reports?

NOTE: You will have to be on at least CU6 to have this option and see sample reports.

To learn more, you can watch Let’s Learn Management Reporter on YouTube now.

New Tax Form Filing Deadlines

By Bryan Wilton, President

Remember the new tax form filing deadlines: The new due date for Forms W-2,  W-3, and 1099-MISC with data in box 7 for non-employee compensation is January 31st.  The new due date is effective for tax year 2016, filed in 2017, and applies to paper and electronically filed returns. You may request an extension of time to file your W2 forms, but it must be submitted on paper Form 8809. Extension of time for Recipient Copies of Information Returns must be requested on paper.

Also, the IRS filing system called FIRE, (Filing Information Returns Electronically) server no longer supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 3.0 as one of the FIRE System’s Internet Security Technical Standards. If you are transmitting using IE 6.0 or lower, and I hope you are not, your browser may have problems logging in and connecting to the FIRE System. Follow the steps below to connect and upload a file:

  • Go to Tools>Internet Options>Advanced
  • Scroll down and find Security
  • Uncheck both SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0
  • Check TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2 and select “Apply”

On a side note, you would think the IRS could have used something slightly different so the acronym was not FIRE? Maybe a good acronym might have been FILE instead, but they probably spent lots of time and money coming up with FIRE. Maybe even had a contest.

Discontinuation of Dynamics Online Payment Services

By Bryan Wilton, President

Microsoft is officially discontinuing Dynamics Online Payment Services. You probably know Microsoft has offered free credit card processing for GP, NAV, AX and RMS/POS 2009 for some time now, but with limited success at lease in the GP world. The idea was that we no longer needed an ISV like Nodus, AZOX/k-eCommerce, etc to process credit cards in GP (in theory). Did it work? Yes, it did. Was it the most difficult module ever to set up? Yes, it was (in my opinion).

They are killing it off effective 1/1/18 and suggesting we go to an ISV for the solution before January 2018. This is big news, but it probably does not apply to very many GP users. With that being said, if you do have Payment Services running in your Dynamics GP system, please contact us to discuss options going forward. Here is a link to the article if you would like more information.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2 Has Released

Dynamics GP 2016 R2 continues the great value delivered in previous Dynamics GP releases.  Dynamics GP 2016 R2 includes enhancements to SmartList Designer, Power BI reports available on the home page in web client, key additions to the Project Accounting and Requisitions and 25+ functionality features prioritized by customers. Read more about this release:

Questions on upgrading?  Contact your Account Manager or for assistance.

The All-New BizInsight Excel Suite for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Your reports are outdated the instant you hit “Send” in an email or “Share” in Microsoft Excel, and definitely as soon as ink hits paper. Things change, stuff happens, and what you think is the truth can quickly become anything but.

All that effort, all that work, all those hours spent in preparation . . . just to provide the opportunity to do it all over again.

Not so with the all-new BizInsight Excel Suite for Microsoft Dynamics GP, from BizNet Software.

More than 20,000 users worldwide rely upon BizNet to automate the production and distribution of recurring reports.  But boardroom-quality reports are the just the beginning of what the BizInsight Excel Suite can do for you.

The Suite includes two essential Excel add-ins to automate your reporting and a powerful third option to dramatically accelerate the distribution of reports.

  • BizConnectors: Deliver drag-and-drop access to tables from Dynamics GP Financial, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing and Project modules.  No more export-import copy-paste to get the data you need.  BizConnectors bring it to you.
  • BizInsight: Enables the analysis of business operations with pre-built functions and provides an intuitive, menu-driven Query Editor that retrieves very granular results and backs up the numbers with drill-down details.
  • BizBroadcast: Automates report distribution in a variety of formats to specific audiences at email, network, web and cloud addresses – and can even send reports based upon scheduled timers or conditional triggers.

Check out the BizNet Software Video Center and see that automated reporting and business data analysis in Excel isn’t magic, but it comes pretty close with the BizInsight Excel Suite for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Let us know if you have any questions.

GP Year-End Update Product Releases

By Bryan Wilton, President

Information on GP year-end update product releases has started to become more solid now as we get close to mid-November. The dates as we know them now are as follows:

  • GP 2013 – this week
  • GP 2015 – will follow soon after the 2013 year-end update is released
  • GP 2016/R2 – expected around 12/1. Remember 2016 will not have a separate year end update and an R2 update; they will be combined into one so you will only have to apply one update to get both the year end update and version R2 if you are on GP 2016. Another benefit of upgrading to 2016/R2: GP will now print a W2 with lines.
  • GP 2010 and earlier – there will be no year-end or other updates….time to upgrade! Contact Lori Ritzer if you would like to get your upgrade scheduled before year end.
  • Canadian Payroll – should be available around middle of December. If you also have US payroll, you can wait until the Canadian payroll year end is released and apply both at the same time from one file.

Most have probably heard about the new overtime rules the DOL signed into law this past year? Those rules become law on December 1, 2016 and it looks like the Overtime Rate Manager in Dynamics GP will handle the calculations for you. This module is free but let us know if you need any help getting it setup and configured. Side note on this module — there are 3 payroll features which are part of the core GP system, called Core Payroll Extensions. They do require a separate install so lots of payroll users tend to miss these modules. The 3 modules included with GP are:

  • Overtime Rate Manager
  • Deductions in Arrears
  • Payroll Integration to Payables

Let us know if you have any questions about these 3 payroll modules.

Now, back to payroll updates. Just a reminder the 2016 form changes are as follows:

  • W2 – no form changes
  • W3 – no form changes
  • 1099-Int – small change
  • 1099-MIsc – small change
  • 1096 – does have a change as a result of the Int/Misc form changes
  • Electronic Filing W2 (EFW2) – no change but is now due by January 31st.

And there is a law change (Path Act) to Fixed Asset depreciation limits so if you are running the Fixed Asset module for tax calculations, you’ll want to make sure to apply the year end update.

Finally, if you would like to attend one of our year end closing classes, ($195) all are being held online this year. Register now