Processes Running in GP2015 with Windows 10

Have you recently upgraded to GP2015?  And is your GP install on a Windows 10 client?  And are you getting messages that look like this:

When you look in the Process Monitor by navigating to:

You find a long list of processes that seem to be ‘Stuck’


It might seem like the next and only option would be to use the Task Manager to End Task on the application, but there is a better solution.

It seems that the icon on the desktop and on the start menu for Windows 10 do not always work well after an upgrade to GP2015.  If you click on the icon multiple times in an attempt to open GP2015, you may end up with multiple processes of the Dynamics.exe in the process monitor.  As a result, GP2015 won’t open until you delete the process in Task Manager.

So, as an alternative, training the end user to Right Click on the desktop GP2015 icon and choose OPEN, or alternatively pin the GP2015 icon to the shortcut to the taskbar will allow users to successfully open GP2015 without the multiple processes issue.

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